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We know how important it is to have an ideal system you want. However sometime not all ideas will work they way you want in one small box, so we at GCE will find every feasible and workable solution that will provide you with the outcome you want. It could be a crazy idea but we look at every angle and think out side the box.

No Solution is too big nor too small for GlobeCom Proving solutions to our customers help them determine the most cost effectiveness to your company or organization. We strive to provide results and work to make solutions that others deem impossible.... well simply possible

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

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GlobeCom Electronics Ltd provides a variety of Services in the Asia Pacific region. With over 30 years of communications experience, we are determined to provide you with a world class service.

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You may contact us by phone or via email at the following listed below below.

Address: P.O.Box 8618, Vientiane LAO PDR
Telephone: +856-21-315708
FAX: +856-21-315707
Others: +856-20-22215799
E-mail: satman@gcelao.com